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From : Nick Torres - Editor/Moderator of www.guitarnoise.com

Wow! Eureka! I understand! It isn’t often that I get so excited about a guitar book/DVD. This review of The Rosetta Stone of Guitar by Fred Pool took me longer to write than any other review ever. It took me hours to craft just a few paragraphs. Why? I got so lost in practicing what I just read that I forget that I was reviewing it. Suddenly the fretboard was deciphered. It all made sense. It was like someone had given me, well, uhh, a Rosetta Stone of Guitar.

Read the rest of this great review of rSoGuitar yourself and check out the discussion on their forum.

From : Sheen

Okay Fred, It's now one hour of study and practicing the spiral and jumping. Screw the questions - You are a GENIUS!! I decided to see if this stuff worked, so I plugged into my son's Fender G-Dec practice amp, laid down a rock background track in E at a tempo of 90 and spent about 5 seconds finding a note that sounded good. I've been improv'ing a solo of that track for 15 minutes and am seeing that pattern all over the fretboard. It's absolutely unbelievable. I've never improv'd anything before and don't know anything about solo'ing. I've been playing the same 30 or 40 songs for about 3 or 4 years. I'm still getting a little bit stuck around the 12th fret, so some enlightenment would help there. But your book doesn't even scratch the surface of jumping - I found you don't need the two fret jump - I can just follow the pattern I'm on right down the fretboard without skipping frets - head to bridge to triple and back up. Absolutely Freaking Amazing!!! I'm so excited about playing guitar now!!! Got 50 preset tracks on this amp - Now I can do something with all of them.

From : Mike

Fred, Please feel free to use any of our correspondence in any way you wish. I have to agree with virtually everything you've stated below. I myself have 2 years of college level music theory and have been playing guitar for approximately 35 years and in all that time I've only found 1 or 2 useful formulas to increase my understand of the guitar. Yours is by far the best. The best way I can describe it is that it's like having a word in your vocabulary, hearing it used daily, but never quite understand what it means. You're comfortable with it but you know that there is something missing i.e. the meaning! Your application of the fretboard was like that for me. It gave it meaning. I just wanted to let you know that I do frequent several music forums and I will be posting a thread and a link to your site at those forums. I will also let them know how helpful you and your program have been. And if I ever make it up to Grants Pass I'm buying you dinner!

From : Chris

Hey everyone! I've been taking lessons from Fred and Keith now for about two months and I can't believe all I've learned! It would have taken me years to discover this had it not been for them! When I went to my first lesson, the whole "Mama, Papa, Adopted Boy, etc." kind of threw me off and I was thinking to myself, "Oh, wow...these guys need help!" But after a few lessons, I realized the necessity of it and how awesome it is! For all those who are even considering learning to play, you should check it out, its so awesome!

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